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Track Inventory

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Tracking inventory for genuine products

Checking the purchase point and product availability is the only way to ensure that the product you are receiving is genuine and meets the safety and quality standards expected

The purchase point: authorised physical or online stores and counters.

Product availability: product quantity pre- and post purchases

2-factor assurance (2FA): to ensure genuine product:

  1. Check for authorized stores and counters

    • Input Store ID (given by seller)​​ and click/tap on "Click to Track" button

    • Check to see if the physical store address matches online

    • If unmatched, the store is unauthorized

    • If macthed, the store is authorized

  2. Track stock levels

    • Check product availability for sell prior to purchase by either 

      • ​Input Product ID using barcode number on the item or

      • Scan the barcode using a barcode app on mobile device

    • Check product availability again after purchase

    • Check if the difference in product availabilities prior and after purchase refelcts the number of purchased units.

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